Monday, October 29, 2007

Niche Business Networking comes of Age

In India the mexican wave is something that sweeps people off their feet, but a bigger wave in recent times has been in encouraging networking as a concept. Hi-5, Orkut and a plethora of social networks came and left a lasting impression. Then business networking came in the form of Linkedin and Xing, but the latest trend is niche business networking which offers higher value for the time spent in business networking. Taking the lead in this domain is an Indian company called Fashion Networks( having its major roots in the North American Region and UK.

Fashion Networks is the leading online Business Networking Platform focused exclusively on the Fashion Value Chain. Fashion Networks provides a platform for professionals to share knowledge and experience, facilitating business networking and also helps them to explore career opportunities.With online buying and selling gaining momentum, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, sellers and buyers have an online presence. Fabio Cristanziani, an existing member of Fashion Network adds “Each stakeholder in the Fashion value chain seeks business leads to others either as suppliers or as customers. Fashion Networks, with its exclusive industry specific networks, helps them connect and do business”

The use of Fashion Networks is in that Manufacturers can keep in touch with current trends in fashion and business. “Students and academicians working in the fashion, designing and the textile industry will be benefited as being a part of the network, can enhance their potential for research and can connect to actual manufacturers” says Shruti Gupta, a student who benefited through . Fashion designers can interact, discuss and keep themselves updated on the recent developments.

Walusha Livingston and Kartik Kannan, both marketing evangelists at Fashion network feel that Entrepreneurs and consultants can easily locate business opportunities through the exclusive network while Ria Paul, a job consultant and an active member of Fashion Networks feels that Job seekers can search for jobs and HR executives have easily access the member profiles, which gives a marriage of a site with web 2.0 features and premium services.

So basically, Fashion Networks will connect the entire Apparel Value Chain from fiber to textile, to apparel manufacturing, to apparel retail. Hence one's chances of doing business, finding talent and enhancing your own career opportunities are a lot more than a conventional business site.

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