Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Hair Styling

When I think of hair styles, my mind recalls Jennifer Aniston, more so the cute and bubbly Rachel Green of Friends. Why is that I like her hairstyle? I guess she had a first mover advantage in that long layered, straight but slightly curved hair. I guess after Jennifer’s look in the sitcom, there must have been many craving for that look,especially the ones who are looking to add volume to their look, incase they have dull and straight hair,which can be brought into an entirely new dimension with the Jennifer Aniston style.

Fashion experts feel that longer thin layers would look best for those looking to add some length, while short and chunky layers work better for those trying to add some body to their style. Those who do not have naturally straight hair can use a straightening iron to achieve the Jennifer Aniston look.

Fashion experts on , also opine that one more popular look that Jennifer Aniston loves to sport on televsion includes layers, but adds even more volume. They feel her shortest layers seem to hit just below the ear, and sweep over the forehead like long bangs. Jennifer Aniston even adds some curl with a large curling iron, which works effectively at adding body and volume. This is the kind of a look, that works best for those who may be insecure about the size of their forehead, since the long bangs work to draw the attention away from that area. This style also is great for those with a natural wave in their hair, since they won’t need a straightening iron in order to achieve this look.

That was one hairstyle the world loved to debate about, and we realise that there needs to be mediums that not only showcase content on hair styling but also open a platform where interaction between a fashion expert and some one who wants advice on fashion. This connect seemed to have materialised on Fashion Networks’s, discussion forums.

So as we sign off this week, we leave some food for thought with a discussion on the Fashion Networks forum

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Bra is a 101 Years Old

January 2008, marks a full 101 years since the brassiere was invented and its been an eventful 101 years at the helm, as the most sexiest product that has been created. The brassiere during all these years has been an inseperable companion of the female battalion and of course, the men in an indirect way. Dalbir Bains, the owner of the chic Mumbai lingerie store Boudoir London, comments about the bra this was a product that any woman could enjoy regardless of her age or vital stats -- lingerie doesn't discriminate. It's a totally feel-good purchase.

After some research on the Internet, the major impetus for brasserie sales seems to have come in 1991, when the push-up Wonderbra became a sensation in the j, although it had been sold there since 1964 under license by the Gossard division of Courtaulds Textiles.The Sara Lee Corporation did not renew Gossard's license and decided to redesign the push-up style for the reintroduction of the Wonderbra to the U.S. market in 1994.

Talk about brand push, the Wonderbra , Since 1994, has expanded from the single push-up design into a full-range lingerie fashion label in most parts of the world. Kate Windsor, a fashion enthusiast says that in most countries, the brand emphasizes sex-appeal. Another thing to note is that in its native Canada, the brand however promotes the functional qualities of its products—a departure from the strategy that made Wonderbra the top-seller in the 1970s.

The killer campaign that made bra sales literally pick up was In 1994 in the UK. The (Sara Lee) Wonderbra achieved a huge profile for its racy Hello Boys campaign. The most famous campaign poster presented model Eva Herzigov√° in a Wonderbra gazing down at her breasts with the caption "Hello Boys", ambiguously addressing either male admirers or her breasts. According to most people, urban myth attributed a number of car accidents to (male) drivers being distracted by the advertisements.

The British men never had it better than in 1994, when they were never so keen to get out of bed and face traffic en route to work, Eva and her assets smiled down upon the rush hour traffic, as men one by one kept banging into each other. Eva’s assets were a bad time for insurance agents as accidents kept mounting, and Eva became more than just a show stopper, and the tribe of the wonder bra lived to tell a famous story.

The wild fire that Eva caused, had transformed the 90’s woman into having insatiable demands of strutting down the fashion highway, playing mind games, in questioning the contents of her lingerie drawer. This seemingly discreet undergarment had transformed itself into the must-have fashion item of the decade. Lingerie had been elevated from functional to fashionable. The Millennium woman could only get more demanding and also more conscious as a customer, which bode very well for the fashion Industry.

That was a small piece rewinding down memory lane in saluting the world’s sexiest product. We shall be back with more articles later this week. The Fashion Networks team invites you to comment on this piece and share your experiences as a woman, in the pride of having worn the bra.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Men’s Fashion Finally!

After seeing many movies in which men adorn the the string vest, where it was pretty macho then, now seems to be on the decline. Like the bowler hat, braces and the waistcoat, a cornerstone of the male wardrobe is passing into obsolescence. At least, that's what the business brains at Retail majors believe, as they announced that the string vest will be withdrawn from sale, from last month.

On the Internet, after some research, the FN team found out a reporter’s diary(Damian Whitworth) describing a situation when the reporter used to go to the pub, he used to go with a veteran hack whose hard drinking and womanizing were part of Yorkshire legend. Such nights could end unpredictably. Once, when he had consumed too much Tetley ale, he suggested we repair to his house for more refreshment. It was early evening when we got there, and sultry (or as sultry as it ever gets in Yorkshire). With no further ado he proceeded to strip down to his boxer shorts and a hideous string vest, plonk himself in his favourite armchair and open a beer. Neither his wife nor his teenage son batted an eyelid. He wore that vest, or possibly others like it, year round, and it seemed in no way to deter women; on the contrary, they threw themselves at him. Damien ponders in his diary whether the magnetism of the macho man was so great that it rendered the vest irrelevant? Or could the vest itself have been a draw for unfathomable fetishes?

Talk about geographical barriers, Damian feels that the string vest is unlikely to go out of fashion in the steamy backwoods of America and will survive in impregnable bastions of bad taste in Britain. But while there is a school of thought says it will continue to cater for this niche market, other stores say that its demise is down to women no longer tolerating the sight of bulges in all the wrong places. But what’s actually confusing are the two schools of thought where some women find the string vests alluring, and on the other hand the demise of the string vests was largely brought about by women who couldn’t stand it.

You think you have figured this out better than us? We Invite FN readers comments on the string vests...waiting for your comments!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Summer Fashion Trends

This is the last in series of introductory articles on fashion. We shall focus on sime summer fashion trends across the world. We all know that summer is a time when women everywhere show more skin and take more chances when it comes to fashion. So to say summer induces women to take a fresh look at fashion and experiment with a variety of clothing. We scoured over the internet and this is our take on the guide to some of the guide to the hottest summer fashion trends that most anyone can wear when the weather is warm:

Summer is when you think about beaches and babes, and what better way to start summer with a trip to the beach for some sunbathing. The first summer trend we will see would be Flirty Sundresses.If you want a look that screams femininity, then definitely stock your closet with a few flouncy, flirty sundresses. The idea sundress should fall slightly above the knee and be made from a light, breathable fabric. Try a fitted bodice with thin straps and a fuller skirt. For a cute retro look, try a red or black sundress with white polka dots. It is also observed that solid colors and floral prints are other classic sundress options. Generally it is also recommended for your feet to try strappy sandals, kitten heels or cute clear pumps.

The next trend is a bit here and there in terms of being called a pant because of its length and is known as Capri Pants Capri pants aren't really pants, but they're not shorts, either. These versatile bottoms end around the mid-calf area and look fantastic when paired with platform sandals or sexy high heels. Try casual cargo capris for a laid back look, or go fitted with classic denim. Depending on your choice of footwear and top, capri pants can take you from day to night in a snap!

Another handy beachwear is Satin Camisoles which these days, you can find tops that look just like lacy, satiny lingerie. Try a well-lined satin camisole top with skinny jeans, a few strands of beads and your favorite high heels for a trendy, sexy summer look. To avoid too much exposure, always go for camisole tops that have a built in bra and fit well.

Next up, whenever you saw baseball on television and thought it was all for the guys, its time to change that school of thought.Baseball caps aren't just for the guys! For a no-fuss style, throw on a cute trucker cap and pair of hoop earrings and you're all set. Military style caps are also all the rage, as are newsboy caps.

The next headwear rage? Fedoras! Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Ashlee Simpson have all been photographed rocking the fedora with casual tops and jeans.So what are you waiting for?You can find more personalized info on dressing trends at Fashion Networks, the one stop place in the fashion value chain. Fashion Networks wishes all its readers a very happy new year and invites your feedback on the blog so far.