Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Men’s Fashion Finally!

After seeing many movies in which men adorn the the string vest, where it was pretty macho then, now seems to be on the decline. Like the bowler hat, braces and the waistcoat, a cornerstone of the male wardrobe is passing into obsolescence. At least, that's what the business brains at Retail majors believe, as they announced that the string vest will be withdrawn from sale, from last month.

On the Internet, after some research, the FN team found out a reporter’s diary(Damian Whitworth) describing a situation when the reporter used to go to the pub, he used to go with a veteran hack whose hard drinking and womanizing were part of Yorkshire legend. Such nights could end unpredictably. Once, when he had consumed too much Tetley ale, he suggested we repair to his house for more refreshment. It was early evening when we got there, and sultry (or as sultry as it ever gets in Yorkshire). With no further ado he proceeded to strip down to his boxer shorts and a hideous string vest, plonk himself in his favourite armchair and open a beer. Neither his wife nor his teenage son batted an eyelid. He wore that vest, or possibly others like it, year round, and it seemed in no way to deter women; on the contrary, they threw themselves at him. Damien ponders in his diary whether the magnetism of the macho man was so great that it rendered the vest irrelevant? Or could the vest itself have been a draw for unfathomable fetishes?

Talk about geographical barriers, Damian feels that the string vest is unlikely to go out of fashion in the steamy backwoods of America and will survive in impregnable bastions of bad taste in Britain. But while there is a school of thought says it will continue to cater for this niche market, other stores say that its demise is down to women no longer tolerating the sight of bulges in all the wrong places. But what’s actually confusing are the two schools of thought where some women find the string vests alluring, and on the other hand the demise of the string vests was largely brought about by women who couldn’t stand it.

You think you have figured this out better than us? We Invite FN readers comments on the string vests...waiting for your comments!

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Blue Floppy Hat said...

I think string vests are ugly and useless, but maybe some people like 'em...who knows?