Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Summer Fashion Trends

This is the last in series of introductory articles on fashion. We shall focus on sime summer fashion trends across the world. We all know that summer is a time when women everywhere show more skin and take more chances when it comes to fashion. So to say summer induces women to take a fresh look at fashion and experiment with a variety of clothing. We scoured over the internet and this is our take on the guide to some of the guide to the hottest summer fashion trends that most anyone can wear when the weather is warm:

Summer is when you think about beaches and babes, and what better way to start summer with a trip to the beach for some sunbathing. The first summer trend we will see would be Flirty Sundresses.If you want a look that screams femininity, then definitely stock your closet with a few flouncy, flirty sundresses. The idea sundress should fall slightly above the knee and be made from a light, breathable fabric. Try a fitted bodice with thin straps and a fuller skirt. For a cute retro look, try a red or black sundress with white polka dots. It is also observed that solid colors and floral prints are other classic sundress options. Generally it is also recommended for your feet to try strappy sandals, kitten heels or cute clear pumps.

The next trend is a bit here and there in terms of being called a pant because of its length and is known as Capri Pants Capri pants aren't really pants, but they're not shorts, either. These versatile bottoms end around the mid-calf area and look fantastic when paired with platform sandals or sexy high heels. Try casual cargo capris for a laid back look, or go fitted with classic denim. Depending on your choice of footwear and top, capri pants can take you from day to night in a snap!

Another handy beachwear is Satin Camisoles which these days, you can find tops that look just like lacy, satiny lingerie. Try a well-lined satin camisole top with skinny jeans, a few strands of beads and your favorite high heels for a trendy, sexy summer look. To avoid too much exposure, always go for camisole tops that have a built in bra and fit well.

Next up, whenever you saw baseball on television and thought it was all for the guys, its time to change that school of thought.Baseball caps aren't just for the guys! For a no-fuss style, throw on a cute trucker cap and pair of hoop earrings and you're all set. Military style caps are also all the rage, as are newsboy caps.

The next headwear rage? Fedoras! Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Ashlee Simpson have all been photographed rocking the fedora with casual tops and jeans.So what are you waiting for?You can find more personalized info on dressing trends at Fashion Networks, the one stop place in the fashion value chain. Fashion Networks wishes all its readers a very happy new year and invites your feedback on the blog so far.

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