Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fashion Trends: How are you doing this fall-part 2

Continuing our journey last week with the post on fall fashion trends, Fashion Networks team, thought about sharing some more tips. So here goes
We recommend clothes with a certain Victorian Flair: Coming to the specifics, It would be great to go with ivory lace accents and high necked blouses, paired with classic menswear inspired trousers. Or, add a Victorian touch to any outfit with an elegant cameo or multiple strings of pearls. If that amount of feminine is still not enough, you can tie the rest of your look in with your classic feminine accessories, try sweeping your hair into a sophisticated updo and wearing pearl stud earrings. That is one of the emerging trends in fashion wear associated with the fall season.
Ok time to get down with the next fashion trend for the fall. This time, we chose a trend that not only accentuates your contours but also makes you feel special and standing out amidst the crowd. Jersey Dresses: Jersey dresses are great for day or evening because the fabric is meant to drape. This forgiving fabric hugs curves yet slides over imperfections. We suggest you to pair your solid colored jersey dresses with long chain necklaces and trendy leather boots or classic pumps. So would that make for a vivacious you, that can call the shots. It remains to be seen, how you are going to dazzle as each of these is only a suggestion and it totally depends how the dress and you decide to play on that day.

Finally before we sign off, there is one trend that can keep the men glued on, and that’s Velvet Accents. Velvet is a sumptuous and beautiful fabric for this fall. Try tops and blazers made from this fabric in deep, rich jewel tones like eggplant, royal blue, emerald green and rich ruby. You can also try to don the causal look by , pairing your velvet with faded jeans and your cutest pair of high heels.

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