Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hip Hipper Hippest

Hip Hipper Hippest

What would you do when your friend compliments you on being trendy? Elated and and cloud 9 may be the most probable answers, to know how much it actually means, you may need to know the mathematical significance of trendy. Trendy fashion is actually Being trendy is a fine line between downright tacky and the height of fashion.So have we still arrived at a mathematical measure for being trendy? No quite. We often see fashion models on the ramp wearing clothes that no normal woman would ever wear. So can we classify that as trendy? Hmmm lets flesh this out in detail to arrive at a measure for being trendy.We see starlets walking around as though they shopped at the closest thrift store. We pour over magazines to find the perfect outfit or accessory to make us look modern, hip, or the ever popular trendy. Our definition of trendy is so much influenced by what the magazines write, what the stars pose for and we ultimately spend so much time trying to find the perfect look that we forget what is really important about fashion.

To me fashion is supposed to accentuate our looks, make us look our best, and to hide our figure flaws. Personally, I believe in the concept of fashion police. Who wouldn't enjoy giving a ticket to the girl with the baby T that accentuates the flabby stomach she should be trying to hide? Or the guy wearing pants that look sprayed on. Do your homework and then try on clothes and actually look at yourself in the mirror. Is that the image you want the world to see or are you simply trying to follow the latest fashion trends that the star on the magazine endorses. Is it about you or them?

Fashion trends come and go. We had stressed in the previous posts on he fashion networks blog that there are these cycles that fashion follows and the key to looking good and in vogue is to keep an eye out on the cycles that happen. There are trends that are here today, gone tomorrow. Then there are those that turn into classics and never go out of style. Interested in finding out more about fashion trends? Read on for some Fashion trends that the fashion networks team compiled this week. It comes as close as it can to the mathematical measure of trendy, even though the best measure lies in your hands in wearing what you feel is comfortable.

Best Fashion Trends

Empire Waists
Have a belly that refuses sit tight and pops out unseemingly, then you need to have a closer look at a situation when it comes to disguising those little bulges, empire waist tops and dresses are ideal. Any woman can look like a princess with a romantic and colourful empire waist top or dress. Also known as baby doll tops and dresses, the empire waist is gathered below the bust line and hangs in a flattering way over the waist. For a casual look, try a cute empire waist top in a classic color like white or black, paired with slim jeans and a pair of cute earrings. To take the empire waist into evening, choose a print dress in a fabric like satin and pair with strappy high heels.

Aviator Lenses
We must have gloated endlessly after watching Angelina Jolie sporting these lenses in a famous Holywood flick and its she who must be credited with making aviator lenses cool again. From what the Fashion Network team has observed, every face shape looks great in black aviator sunglasses. For a trendier take on this look, try glasses in a surprising shade like dark pink or smoky purple. The different colour of the lenses may definitely warrant attention, if you are one of those types who dares to be different.

Gypsy Skirts
Skirts! That’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of absolute feminity. Long, flowing skirts in a lightweight fabric are versatile and feminine. For a bohemian look, pair a patterned gypsy skirt in a crinkly fabric with a sleek solid tank and pair of open-toe sandals. Or, try pairing your solid gypsy skirt with tall brown boots and a classic white Oxford blouse. Finish the look with a few strands of beads and you're all set to rock..

That folks is some of the tips we have this week. We shall be back next week with a small peep into the worst fashion trends that seemed to follow the tumultuous part of the rather ubiquitous fashion cycle.
Till then Its Team Fashion Networks Signing off

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