Friday, December 28, 2007

Fashion Trends in Fall

Fall is that part of the year, when everyone dresses around in style to welcome this part of the year. May it be kids or adults, we all go to school or work in style, with a peppy mood to beat.While fashion trends aren't always the best bet when it comes to getting dressed, there are some fall fashion trends that can serve you well regardless of your personal style. The Fashion Networks Team checks out some classic picks for fall fashion trends that can work anywhere, may it be in the classroom, office and beyond!

The first pick is of course Pencil Skirts .The pencil skirt easily qualifies as the all place wear, as it fits a look for any classroom, as much as as it does for a boardroom or even a bar room!

So what really makes the pencil skirt so comfortable across different places? The key to this look is the right length. We recommend you to choose a pencil skirt that's knee-length or longer for the best look. Also another useful piece of advice from Fashion Network readers is to pair with medium height pumps or skinny stilettos for the sexy look. The “sexy” look is all the more amplified by the colours worn like basic black, rich cranberry, or royal blue. What would be an icing on the calke? Read ahead…. Its recommended by readers on the web to Top the pencil skirt look with a fitted white blouse and lots of gold jewelry, or try a tunic paired with a skinny belt.

The second Fall fashion trend tip would be one of the most versatile fashion trends of Blazers with Jeans, that I happened to spot on a few reality shows in Asia. As the saying goes, Ladies First, we start the tip for women, where for the gentle feminine look, try a pastel blazer with a lace camisole in a matching shade underneath, paired with skinny faded jeans, high heels, and lots of gold or silver jewelry. For a classic look, try a sleek button down white blouse, black blazer, dark wash jeans and black boots. Finish the look with large gold hoops and a cute brooch. Men… we shall get back later next week, till then stay hooked on to the Fashion Networks Blog. There are some more fashion trends for fall that we would cover in the next article. So Stay hooked on to this Fashion Blog, as its Christmas Time at Fashion Networks.

This Blog will see a lot more variety of articles from next month, so make sure you get your regular dose of the Fashion Network Blog.

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