Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Hair Styling

When I think of hair styles, my mind recalls Jennifer Aniston, more so the cute and bubbly Rachel Green of Friends. Why is that I like her hairstyle? I guess she had a first mover advantage in that long layered, straight but slightly curved hair. I guess after Jennifer’s look in the sitcom, there must have been many craving for that look,especially the ones who are looking to add volume to their look, incase they have dull and straight hair,which can be brought into an entirely new dimension with the Jennifer Aniston style.

Fashion experts feel that longer thin layers would look best for those looking to add some length, while short and chunky layers work better for those trying to add some body to their style. Those who do not have naturally straight hair can use a straightening iron to achieve the Jennifer Aniston look.

Fashion experts on , also opine that one more popular look that Jennifer Aniston loves to sport on televsion includes layers, but adds even more volume. They feel her shortest layers seem to hit just below the ear, and sweep over the forehead like long bangs. Jennifer Aniston even adds some curl with a large curling iron, which works effectively at adding body and volume. This is the kind of a look, that works best for those who may be insecure about the size of their forehead, since the long bangs work to draw the attention away from that area. This style also is great for those with a natural wave in their hair, since they won’t need a straightening iron in order to achieve this look.

That was one hairstyle the world loved to debate about, and we realise that there needs to be mediums that not only showcase content on hair styling but also open a platform where interaction between a fashion expert and some one who wants advice on fashion. This connect seemed to have materialised on Fashion Networks’s, discussion forums.

So as we sign off this week, we leave some food for thought with a discussion on the Fashion Networks forum

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