Friday, February 29, 2008

Subcontinental Fashion Trends!- Part 2

Welcome back to our series on researching the trends in the fashion space on the subcontinent. Last post, we had observed that there was cause for concern, but still not too much to worry about. Continuing with our opinion one of the reasons that the condition is sad as far as Indian fashion magazines are concerned is that there are not more than 10 fashion magazines in the market, as it is still evolving,

Industry experts opine that the cost of production of these magazines is very high because good quality paper and pictures is a must for them. Since they appeal to a niche readership, many publishers would not be too keen on publishing them.The country's fashion books and fashion magazines market is estimated to be nearly Rs.250 million ($8 million) and about Rs.600 million ($15 million) respectively.In Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the market is more miniscule.

However, publishers are optimistic that the country's fashion literature market will flourish manifold in the next few years, courtesy the media boom and the increased visibility of international labels that arouses reader curiosity. So if you must invest in a fashion state, this is the right time to cash in on the media and fashion boom that seeks to sweep the subcontinent. Even as I type this, the subcontinent gears itself for this year’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is slated to be held at Delhi Pragati Maidan from March 12 to 16. Till then keep plugged on to Fashion Networks

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